Queen Lovisa

Queen from 1906 to 1912. Born Princess of Sweden and Norway, the only surviving child of Charles XV. In 1869 she married Crown Prince Frederik (VIII), with whom she had eight children, of whom the two eldest, Prince Christian (X) and Prince Carl (Haakon VII) later became kings of Denmark and Norway respectively.

The background for the marriage to Crown Prince Frederik was a long-cherished desire in both Denmark and Sweden for a Scandinavian union. Although it wasn’t immediately built on love the marriage became reasonably happy, but Lovisa had difficulty finding her place with her in-laws, which only became more difficult due to her husband’s deeply problematic relationship with his father, Christian IX. The Crown Couple came therefore to keep a certain distance to Glücksburg family life.

During her 37 years as Crown Princess, Lovisa was deeply engaged in charity work and cultivated her academic interests. She undertook the education of the children, which was strictly disciplined, and the atmosphere of the home came to be characterised by her great piety. Their reign lasted just six years, but as Dowager Queen she continued her charity work, although she otherwise avoided public notice. As heirlooms she left amongst other things a large collection of jewellery, of which several items are amongst the most used by the Royal Family today.