Leonora Christina

Princess Leonora Christina was the daughter of Christian IV and Kirsten Munk. In 1636 she was married to Corfitz Ulfeldt.

Leonora Christina was a favourite of Christian IV but, soon after his death in 1648, she and Corfitz Ulfeldt came into conflict with Frederik III and, not least, with Queen Sophie Amalie. The couple fled to Sweden in 1651 and took part in conspiracies against the Danish government. In 1659 they had to flee from Sweden to Denmark, and in 1660 they were held captive at Hammershus Castle, Bornholm. Frederik III had them released the year after but when Ulfeldt was charged with high treason in 1663, Leonora Christina was arrested in England and handed over to Denmark. Until the death of Sophie Amalie she was imprisoned in the Blue Tower at the Castle of Copenhagen. She spent the rest of her life in a foundation for nobleladies in Maribo, Lolland.

Leonora Christina was highly intelligent and a talented writer. Her autobiographical Memory of Woe (Jammers Minde), which was partly written during her imprisonment in the Blue Tower, is one of the great autobiographies of Danish literature.