Jørgen Balthasar Dalhoff

Jørgen Dalhoff was a modeller and artisan. He was born on the island of Falster and was apprenticed as a goldsmith in 1815. He later studied at the ornament school of the Academy of Arts.

At the request of Prince Christian (VIII), Dalhoff undertook a long journey abroad from 1824 to 1827, which included a stay in Rome, where he visited Thorvaldsen’s studio. After his return he became a master goldsmith, and at the same time he began teaching at the Academy of Arts. Here he made a great practical effort to improve the training of Danish artisans.

Late Empire style, the so-called Christian VIII style, became Dalhoff’s idiom. His most important works as a bronze caster are the Goddess of Victory in the Thorvaldsen’s Museum and the statues in front of Christiansborg Palace. A helmet of aluminium made by Dalhoff for Frederik VII is kept at Rosenborg.