Jacob van Doordt

The painter Jacob van Doordt originally worked in Hamburg where he got to know the traditional painting style used for princely portraits. Most of his work was executed on journeys to Brunswick, Gottorp, Denmark and England.

In 1611 van Doordt was commisioned by Christian IV to paint Queen Anne Cathrine and the eldest son of the Royal couple, Christian, the Prince Elect. The Prince had received homage as successor to the throne the same year. After the death of Anne Cathrine in 1612, van Doordt painted several portraits of Kirsten Munk. Nevertheless, the greatest recognition from the King of Denmark was a recommendation to James I, King of England.

After the journey to England in 1624, van Doordt visited Denmark several times painting portraits for Christian IV and for several Danish noble families. Jacob van Doordt mastered portraits in full-length as well as miniature, the latter especially in English style. He died during a stay in Stockholm.