Conservation in focus

The 3-armed Sophie Amalie

A novelty in the museum is the launch of our “Conservation in Focus” mini-exhibitions in the banqueting hall, which give visitors a chance to experience an insight into the work of the conservators. Though changing display of newly restored objects we bring new stories of the collection to light.

Starting in April, a portrait of Queen Sophie Amalie is on display – a work with an unusual history. The restorer, Berit Møller, had a surprise when she was to cleanse the painting and discovered that the queen had a third arm (resting on the lower part of the dress) which had been covered by a secondary layer of paint in order to render a third arm with a parrot. We do not know the reason for the change, but Berit Møller has proved that it was done by the artist himself. The painting is ascribed to the style of Juriaen Oven (c. 1613-1678).
The painting is on display from April 10th – May 31st.