Queen of Great Britain from 1901. Daughter of Christian IX and Louise of Hesse-Kassel. Married in 1863 to Edward (VII), Prince of Wales. They had six children of whom the youngest died only a few hours after its birth and the eldest, Prince Albert Victor, died from influenza aged 28.

According to her father Christian IX, Alexandra was the pretty one amongst his three daughters. This was to the benefit of the Princess when Queen Victoria was looking for a wife to her eldest son, Prince Edward of Wales. Queen Victoria saw a picture of Princess Alexandra, and even though the British Queen thought that the forehead was too low and the nose too long on the Danish Princess, Alexandra was still married to Prince Edward of Wales in 1863.

Queen Alexandra became very popular in Great Britain and won British hearts not only due to her personality but also for her way of dressing and conducting herself. After a serious illness she suffered long term problems with one leg. But due to her popularity her limp became fashionable and was copied by society ladies.