Behind the Monarchy

Join us on a guided tour of the Amalienborg Museum. The tour “Behind the Monarchy” focuses on the history of the monarchy and the royal personalities who, over the past 150 years, have helped shape the monarchy we know today.

The rooms and halls of Christian VIII’s Palace posses an atmosphere of peace and harmony, but behind the idyllic pictures and stylish furnishings hides a turbulent history marked by political storms, world wars, and industrialisation. Come on a guided tour that offers insight into the monarchy’s development from absolutism to democracy. A period in which the kings continually wrestled with a changing worldview, challenges which were managed very differently by each monarch.

Based on the exhibited workrooms the tour focus on the Danish Royal Family’s changing role in society. A time of great historical upheaval, which has left its mark on the monarchy during its time at Amalienborg. While visiting the private chambers of the previous kings and queens the guide will put the people behind the monarchy in the center of attention.

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