What can you experience

Amalienborg is formed of four palaces. You may visit two of the palaces, in which The Royal Danish Collection offers experiences which allow you to get up close to royal history over the last 250 years.

In Christian VIII’s Palace, the museum offers you a unique insight into the monarchy’s history over the last 150 years, as well as an impression of royal life then and now.

You can see the private chambers of the previous kings and queens, which are furnished in different styles, and with objects which are vestiges of different epochs in Danish history and of private interests.

In the Garden Room a small exhibition relates the everyday life of the royalty with its traditions and obligations, while an impressive corian model of the Amalienborg complex relates the special history of the site in the middle of the royal axis of the Frederiksstaden quarter.

There is also access to the gilt halls on the piano nobile, which the Royal Family still use for representative purposes. See the museum’s opening hours and other practical info here.

In Christian VII’s Palace you can walk in the footsteps of the royal guests and be shown around the magnificent rooms where the Royal Family holds the New Year Banquet, which is steeped in tradition, as well as other official festivities.

Christian VII’s Palace has some of the world’s finest rococo rooms; among them you can see the lavish Great Hall, the Dining Room — which is still used by the Royal Family’s official events — the Flora Danica Room, paintings by European masters, some of the finest furniture in Denmark, and a cornucopia of exquisite gildings on the walls and ceilings.

Read more about the guided tours in Christian VII’s Palace here.