Orders on stamps

Amalienborg presents a small exhibition on the occasion of HM Queen Margrethe II’s 75th birthday in 2015. Post Danmark has produced three new stamps as well as a first day cover and prestige folder. The motifs are related to the Queen being the Sovereign of the centuries old Royal Danish Orders of Chivalry.

The Order of the Elephant is the noblest of the Danish orders. Members of the Royal Family receive it from the monarch when they come of age at eighteen or on marriage into the Royal Family. The order is otherwise mainly given to foreign heads of state, usually in connection with a state visit. The order must be returned to the Chapter of the Orders when the recipient passes on.

The Order of Dannebrog is given first and foremost to Danes for long service. The motto ‘God and the King’ is written on the cross-shaped badge. This is also returned to Chapter of the Orders on the death of the recipient.

The Medal of Merit is a special honour for persons who have been employed in the Danish public sector for at least 40 years. It bears a portrait of HM the Queen and is personal property which does not have to be returned.

The new stamps have been designed by Ditte Rosenørn Holm and engraved by Bertil Skov Jørgensen. It is the first time that the orders have been the main motif on Danish stamps. The orders have previously been seen on stamps, on which they are worn by members of the royalty, and examples of these are shown here.

There is daily admittance in the period from the 16th of April (except for the two last Mondays in April) to the 30th of August. There rest of the year, there is admittance on Saturdays. Please notice that the ticket price is higher on days with admittance to the Piano nobile. 


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