From gold to graphics – the turn of the year has presented a new visual identity for the museums.

Ny Am NY Ro

Since 1838 the Royal Danish Collection at Rosenborg Castle, and since 1994 also in Christian VIII’s Palace at Amalienborg, has administered a unique collection of artefacts and historical interiors, which together offer a very special insight into the history of Denmark.

With its chronological layout, the museum has over the years taken millions of guests from all around the world on a journey through royal history. For the Collection as for the kings, it is important always to be both a part of history and contemporary – in constant development and eternal renewal.

It is against this background that we began the process of developing an overall graphic, visual identity which includes and unites all of the Collection’s areas of activity. The framework of the project has been to communicate a clearer message about what the institution stands for, and what it encompasses.

To help us with this task we engaged the services of the bureau AM, who have guided us through the process of finding a balance between tradition and renewal.
We identified and focused on five points, which are the foundation of the look we have sought:

Our story
A short and precise description which shows what we stand for, and demonstrates our pride in taking responsibility for the Collection.

The Royal Danish Collection at Rosenborg and Amalienborg offers a unique insight into the lives of the kings and queens of Denmark – the people behind the Danish Monarchy. See the art treasures, the priceless crowns and crown jewels, and learn about how the Royal Family lived and saw the world in general. The Royal Danish Collection is the history of Denmark seen from a royal perspective.

Our own crown for the home of the crown
A version of Christian V’s crown, drawn with respect for the original, takes inspiration from its decoration rather than its form.

Two houses, two colours
A poetic abstraction on the Oldenburg colours: red for Rosenborg – yellow for Amalienborg.

A typographic relation
The close ties between the two museums have been given visual expression through the typography: the museums have been given logos in the same font.

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