Otto Bache


Otto Bache was a Danish painter who specialised in portraits, historical paintings and paintings of animals. His most famous painting is The Conspirators rides from Finderup after the Murder of Erik Klipping (1882, Frederiksborg Castle).

He was admittd to the Academy of Fine Arts aged ten in 1849 and became an apprentice with Wilhelm Marstrand, a highly acknowledged painter at the time. He spent the years 1866-8 in Paris and Italy. His time in Paris was particularly influential on his style of painting. Whereas his earlier paintings were influenced by the meticulous and detailed expression of the Eckersberg School, the paintings from Paris have greater freedom, richer colouring, stronger light and a broader form. He was among the earliest Danish artists who tried to renew art according to French inspiration. Nevertheless, he stood by the Eckersberg and Marstrand inspired Naturalism he was trained in at the Academy. Otto Bache executed several traditional representational portraits and historical paintings of the Royal family.