Carl Bloch


Carl Bloch was a Danish Painter and graphic artist, brother of Emil, Oscar and William Bloch. He is best known for various baroque-inspired paintings with motifs from history and mythology, such as Samson at the Philistines (1863, National Gallery of Denmark) and especially Christian II at Sønderborg Castle (1871, Frederiksborg Castle).

Carl Bloch was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts in 1849 and was trained by Wilhelm Marstrand for the following four years. Like his mentor, Carl Bloch took great interest in scenes with ordinary people such as Fishing Families awaits the Homecoming of their Menfolk during Breakout of a Storm (1851, The Hirschsprung Collection) and Elderly Woman looking out of a Window (1874, National Gallery of Denmark). He spent time abroad several times and he painted many motifs from Italy: A Fisherman from Sorrento (1861, State Museum of Art) and At a Roman Cheese-makery (1866, National Gallery of Denmark). Carl Bloch occcupies a prominent place within Danish graphic art with 78 etchings which include landscapes, portraits and religious themes.