Anton Michelsen

Anton Michelsen was the founder of one of the most important jeweller families in Denmark. He established his own company in 1841 and after a short while, the company received its first commissions from the Royal family.

Michelsen was handed responsibility for designing and making new medals for the Orders of Dannebrog and of the Elephant. Additionally, he did works for the individual members of the Royal family. In 1848 he was officially made “Court Goldsmith and Maker of Orders” but in reality he had been working as such since 1841.

For four generations, the company made jewellery of the highest quality. Silverworks from A. Michelsen, now part of Georg Jensen, are highly prestigious.

Due to the connection with the court, the Michelsen dynasty made some of the most spectacular and distinctive silverware. It also made much of the everyday silverware owned by the Royal family. Several of these items have been given to the Amalienborg Museum.

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