The Royal Danish Collection

On the basis of the paintings, furniture, and other objects which are related to the Danish Royal Family, the purpose of the Collection is to present the history of Denmark in the period from the reign of Christian IV to the present.

Director: Private Secretary, Chamberlain Henning Fode
Museum Director: Thomas C. Thulstrup,
Board of directors: HRH The Crown Princess Mary and the current Minister for Culture, at this time Joy Mogensen (S).

The Royal Danish Collection (known in Danish as ‘The Chronological Collection of the Danish Kings’) was established by royal decree of Frederik VII on 14 June 1854, as follows:
We most graciously request that the following Collections and Objects, being at Our Castle Rosenborg, namely the Coronation Regalia including the Crown Jewels and the Diamonds as well as the other Objects, which are kept in the so-called Regalia Cabinets, the Chronological Collection proper, various Apparatuses for Use on festive Occasions, as well as various other Things, such as the Flora Danica Service, the Glass Collection etc. and the like, as well as the Inventory of the Castle Building proper, hereafter shall form a Collection under the name of the chronological, that this Collection be considered the Royal House’s inalienable Property, handed down from King to King, and that it be allocated under the Supervision of the Minister charged with the Exposition of those Matters regarding Our Royal House, which is to say for the Time being the Foreign Minister, as well as the Lord Chamberlain together with that person whom We may otherwise find it suitable to ordain to this role.


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