Copenhagen receives prestigious travel award from Lonely Planet

It’s been a week since the announcement, but we at The Royal Danish Collection are still high on the news that Lonely Planet has chosen Copenhagen as the world’s best city to visit in 2019.

Lonely Planet, the Australian publishing firm that specializes in travel guides, has a yearly publication called ”Best in Travel” that announces the best countries and cities to visit in the year to come. It’s the publishing firm’s own travel experts who nominates the different destinations that they think is worth a visit, and in 2019 the winner of the prestigious title ”The World’s Top City for 2019” is Copenhagen, Denmark.

Copenhagen was chosen over cities like Shēnzhèn in China and Novi Sad in Serbia, which were no. 2 and 3 on the list. According to Lonely Planet, the selection should be seen as a pat on the back for relatively unknown cities (seen in a global travel perspective) that you should pay attention to right now and visit before the tourism catches on.

Museum Director Thomas Thulstrup is interviewed for Danish television after receiving the news that Copenhagen is the world’s best city to visit in 2019


Rosenborg Castle as contributing factor

It’s a great honour for Copenhagen to be awarded this title, and at The Royal Danish Collection we feel especially proud that Rosenborg Castle is mentioned in the description of why to visit the city.

In the three-minute long presentational video of Copenhagen one of Lonely Planet’s editors, Gemma Graham, guides the audience through the city using keywords like food, biking culture and architecture – and it’s in the last category that Rosenborg Castle is highlighted:

“Copenhagen is full of beautiful old architecture, from monuments to Rosenborg Castle with its gorgeous gardens, to the round tower”

The castle in the garden

Rosenborg Castle has long had a prominent position on the list of what to see when in Copenhagen, but we are excited to see how the attention from Lonely Plant will affect the interest in Christian IV’s old castle.

Besides the architecture of the castle, the surrounding garden is mentioned in relation to sustainability and nature in Copenhagen. In the video Gemma Graham is standing in the middle of The Kings Garden, where she gesticulates excitedly and exclaims:

“Copenhagen is filled with loads of wonderful parks and green spaces where you can just explore and relax”

So, whether you’re into nature, architecture or history, we now have the experts’ approval that Rosenborg Castle is worth a visit, when you’re in Copenhagen – the world’s best city to visit in 2019!

Read more and visit the castle

You can read the whole description of why Copenhagen was chosen for the prestigious title, and watch the video of the many things to do in the city on Lonely Planet’s own website.

Do you feel like visiting the castle after watching the video, you can plan your visit here, or keep an eye on our what’s on-page for information about activities and special events.

Cover photo borrowed from Lonely Planets website:


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