Christmas Paper Cubes from the Royal Collection

Christmas is upon us, and the festive spirit is spreading across the whole of Denmark. And at Rosenborg too! Since 2007 conservator Berit Møller has made special Christmas ‘cubes’. The idea came about in connection with the conservation of ceiling coffers from three rooms at Rosenborg. The work was completed just before Christmas, and Berit made a cut-out-and-fold Christmas Cube with pictures of the completed project as a memento for all the conservators who worked on the project. It has since developed into a wonderful tradition for all the employees at the Royal Collection.
Every year motifs are chosen from the past year’s fascinating tasks in the atelier for paintings conservation. The Christmas Cube’s motifs have developed from being photos taken after the conservation and restoration was completed, to telling a little story about the conservation. Each side of the Christmas Cube thus shows a detail from the working process.

The Christmas Cube 2015 is therefore adorned with pictures of the ceiling paintings in The Winter Room. Two paintings from The Winter Room have been conserved and restored during the course of the year as a pilot project. The work has been in the safe hands of conservators Lin Rosa Spaabek, Henriette Heyn Olsen, Berit Møller and conservation intern Mia Sterregaard.
Now the details can decorate the rooms of everyone who is interested, as we have for the first time made all the cubes available for free. So get out your scissors and download the Christmas Cubes here:

Christmas Cube 2007

Christmas Cube 2008

Christmas Cube 2009

Christmas Cube 2010

Christmas Cube 2011

Christmas Cube 2012

Christmas Cube 2013

Christmas Cube 2014

Christmas Cube 2015

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