Easter Tour at Amalienborg

Easter Tour at Amalienborg 2021 is over. This site will be updated when we’re closer to Easter 2022. 

In Denmark, we celebrate Easter with old traditions that come alive every year. On this Easter tour, we invite you to experience the royal Easter traditions. Based on the museum collection, you will get to know the most popular traditions of the Royal Family such as the “Easter egg” and “gækkebreve”.

Your guide will tell you about Princess Dagmar, who later became Tsarina of Russia and received the world’s most extravagant Easter eggs – the exclusive Fabergé eggs – from her husband, Tsar Alexander. Every year, the famous goldsmith made a new egg with a surprise for the Tsarina. The inspiration for the eggs probably came from a quite special golden egg in the museum’s collection. It contains seven small surprises, one of them a diamond-studded hen. On the surface this is very far from our Easter egg tradition today, but the idea of giving a present with a twist of surprise is exactly the same as when the Tsarina was given her Easter eggs, even though today they usually taste more of chocolate than of gold and diamonds
You will also hear about Hans Christian Andersen, who often frequented Amalienborg. In fact, he read poems aloud to no less than four kings in the course of his literary career. In 1872, he gave a ruler decorated with paper clippings and an inscription to Christian IX. It can be seen in the museum collection.

Hear about the Easter traditions of the Danish Royal Family, H.C. Andersens gækkebreve and much more. Join the tour at Amalienborg 24 March to 26 March and 28 March to 2 April at 2.45 pm.

Place: Christian VIII’s Palace
Time: 24 March to 26 March and 28 March to 2 April at 2.45 pm.
Duration: The tour takes approximately 45 minutes.
Price: Free. Book your ticket HERE.

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