Data Protection Policy

Last updated July 2019

1. General Terms

1.1 This website is owned by De Danske Kongerns Kronologiske Samling, CVR number/TaxID 17 75 41 14 , Øster Voldgade 4A, 1350 København K, Denmark.

1.2 De Danske Kongers Kronologiske Samling, (“we”, “our”, “us”, “Kongers Samling/The Royal Danish Collection” is concerned to protect your private data.

1.3 This policy (the “Data Protection Policy”) explains which personal data we collect about you, when you visit our website (“the website”), via email, and in connection with our events. It also informs you about when and why we collect the data, how we use it, the conditions for our sharing it with others, as well as how we store it securely.

1.4 We kindly ask you to read the Data Protection Policy carefully in order to understand how we handle your personal data.

2. Who We Are

2.1 De Danske Kongers Kronologiske Samling is a museum, situated at Rosenborg Castle and Amalienborg Palace.

3. The Website

3.1 We collect various data about you when you visit and use our website.

3.2 E-commerce:

– You can buy tickets and products via the website.

– In order to complete a transaction, we use your name, company name if applicable, country of residence, address, email address, and telephone number. These are the data which are necessary in order to complete the transaction, including sending you an order confirmation and, if applicable, a follow up on the booking status of a ticket purchase.

– In order to buy tickets and products electronically you must accept our terms and conditions of sale and data protection policy, after which our use of your personal data occurs as part of an agreement between you and us.

3.3 Promotional Material:

– If you have ticked the box indicating that you wish to receive news and offers from The Royal Danish Collection, we will use your contact details to send you promotional material by email.

3.4 Inquiries:

– When you send us an inquiry via our official email address,, we use the information you have provided in your email in order to answer you.

3.5 Feedback:

– In order to ensure that the services we offer met your standards, we may ask you for feedback in the form of questionnaires, customer satisfaction analyses, or market research analyses. Any feedback you give us will be used exclusively with the aim of improving our services and will not be made public.

3.6 On the website we use a number of cookies in order to improve our services. You may read more about this in our Cookie Policy.

4. Group Events

4.1 If you wish to book tickets for a large group you can contact our booking office by telephone: +45 33186055 or by email:

4.2 When booking and buying tickets for groups, we collect the contact details of the person making the booking. The personal data used for group bookings is the same as for e-commerce, see clause 3.2.

4.3 You may create a login to our booking system in order to make repeat bookings for groups easier, for example for tourists and schools. Separate terms apply for the creation of a login. Inquiries about this can be made at:

5. Photography

5.1 In connection with events at The Royal Danish Collection, we will sometimes take photographs using hired or in-house photographers, so that we can promote The Royal Danish Collection via social media. We make all participants in the events aware of this with signage and similar notices. The photographer is instructed to ask for consent from all the persons who are in focus in the photographs.

6. Payment Information

6.1 When you make purchases from us, we ask you to give us your payment card details (card number, expiry date, security code). We use a secure third party to handle transactions.

6.2 You can read more about our terms and conditions of sale here.

6.3 Your payment details are kept for as long as the third party is allowed or required to by law. You can read more about this directly with the third party here.

7. Security

7.1 All your details are kept on secure servers situated in the EU.

7.2 We maintain the relevant organisational, technical, and physical security measures in order to protect your information against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised sharing or access, in accordance with the data protection regulations in Denmark and the EU.

7.3 In spite of our efforts to establish a secure environment for the website, you should be aware that no information is completely secure on the Internet. You should therefore always make use of the relevant security measures on your own computer hardware.

8. Storage Time

8.1 We store your data until it is no longer necessary for us to use it. In certain situations, it can be difficult to give an accurate timeframe in advance, but the clauses below explain our general guidelines for the processing time of your information.

8.2 E-commerce information:

– Stored for 2 years after the purchase is completed as per the regulations regarding claims. Certain information from the purchase also enters our bookkeeping documents, which are kept for 5 years in accordance with bookkeeping law.

8.3 Consent to receive promotional material:

– Deleted as quickly as possible after you unsubscribe.

8.4 Your inquiries:

– Stored for up to 6 months after processing.

8.5 Feedback

– Stored for up to 5 years after being received. As far as possible, we keep your feedback in an anonymous form, and have a long storage time in order to measure our own performance over time.

8.6 Photographs on social media:

– We delete photographs from our profile(s) on social media after 3 years. You of course always have the option of terminating your consent.

8.7 If we have reason to store your information as part of the protection of our legitimate interests, including for example legal disputes, we reserve the right to keep your information for a longer period of time and as a minimum until the closure of the case.

9. Sharing Your Data

9.1 We share your data with third parties when it is necessary in order to provide you with our service. Third parties are understood as the following:

– Business partners

– Security cleared data processing companies that help us with IT and other services.

9.2 Please be aware that when we share information with business partners, these may already hold information about you gathered in another way, for example if you have had contact with them in another context.

9.3 We also share your information with the above or other third parties if we are required to do so by law, or because we, or the group, need to protect our interests in a legal dispute.

10. Your Rights

10.1 You are welcome to gain insight into the information we process about you, as well as to have information updated, corrected, deleted, or released. All such requests must be made in writing to:

10.2 Should you wish to make a complaint about our treatment of your data, we kindly ask you to contact us first. If we cannot help you, you may lodge a complaint with Datatilsynet.