The Foodie’s Castle Guide

The Foodie’s Castle Guide gives you the chance to gain insight into the eating habits, traditions, and fashions of the Danish kings and queens, as well as how food culture has developed over time. We have chosen five themes: The Rensaissance Meal, The Everyday Meal, The Exotic Meal, Feasts and A Precious Meal. Each theme sheds light on Danish food culture from a royal perspective.

The guide is part of the EU’s Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 in collaboration with The Network of European Royal Residencies, with the common theme “A Place at the Royal Table”.

The Foodie’s Castle Guide offers a thematic journey around the castle, focusing on the royal meal. With the folder in your hand, you can immerse yourself at your own pace in the castle’s food trail, which was the framework for many great events.

Royal meals in particular have encapsulated the tendencies of the age, and the development of food culture over time. Taking the castle’s objects as its starting point, the guide offers insight into 450 years of Danish food culture, and paints a picture of how tendencies, raw ingredients, and dishes have been exchanged across national boundaries.

Gain an impression of which raw ingredients conferred social status at the royal high table, and of how both the everyday meal and the festive banquet were held at Rosenborg. The folder is free and can be found at the entrance to the castle from 19 June.

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