Christian X’s study

Christian X’s Study has been preserved as though he had just left it. It is the only study in the museum which isn’t a recreation, and the room appears exactly as it did during the King’s own time in the palace, which stretched from 1899 to his death in 1947.

With the dark, heavy items of furniture and the dark walls the room illustrates how a man’s study looked around 1900. You are not left in doubt that it belonged to an officer, as the furnishings include an impressively hung arrangement of sabres and guns around a helmet and breastplate. There are also several figurines of soldiers, which bear witness to the King’s own statement that he was a soldier in life and soul.

Next to the writing desk is the original bronze statuette of Denmark’s mythical heroic defender, Ogier the Dane, which was later set up in larger format in the casemates below Kronborg Castle in Elsinore – as well as a less well-known version at Marienlyst Hotel, which was bought by a private individual in 2013 and moved to Skjern in Jutland. The many books testify, furthermore, to the intellectual side of Christian X, which is unknown to most people.

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The Amalienborg Museum offers guided tours for groups to the regular exhibitions and to some special exhibitions. We offer guided tours inside the museum and Christian VII’s Palace as well as small guided city walks in the royal quarter. A guided tour takes approximately 1 hr. Guided tours must be booked at least two weeks ahead. Please call +45 3318 6055. The line is open Tuesday – Friday between 10.00 and 12.00. For booking via email: (Your booking is only valid when you have received confirmation) Prices: Guided tours in Danish · Monday – Friday: 900 kr. + admission fee · Saturday – Sunday: 700 kr. + admission fee Guided tours in English, German or French · Monday – Friday: 800 kr. + admission fee · Saturday – Sunday: 900 kr. + admission fee Please note: from January the 1st a private guided tour costs 900 kr. (regardless of language and day of week). Guided tours outside normal opening hours can be arranged for an additional charge.   GUIDED TOUR OF CHRISTIAN VII’S PALACE   Visit the Royal Family’s representative and guest palace, Christian VII’s Palace. For 250 years, Christian VII’s Palace has welcomed distinguished guests from Denmark and the rest of the world, and the building emanates exclusivity. The guided tour allows you to follow in the footsteps of the royal guests in previous eras, and to experience some of the most spectacular interiors in Denmark. The history of the palace A.G. Moltke, Frederik V’s Lord High Steward and close friend, designed and fitted out the place in the 1750s so that he could impress his guests. In 1794, it was taken over by Christian VII. Today, the palace is used for representation, and history repeats itself in the way it is now used, to show oneself to best advantage. The guided tour is of Christian VII’s Palace, which has functioned as the representative palace of the Royal Family since 1885. The Royal Danish Collection has the honour of inviting the public behind its normally closed doors on a tour that reveals the palace’s varied history from when it was in the hands of the powerful Count and Lord High Steward Adam Gottlob Moltke via Christian VII’s period of residence to today, when the palace functions as the Royal Family’s representative and guest palace. The guided tour shows how the palace has been used over time to display power and prestige with its interior, for magnificent celebrations, the appointment of kings and the exhibition of valuable collections. The architect Nikolai Eigtved was responsible for this cultural and historical jewel. With its outstanding works of art and crafts, it represents a universal artwork of the highest international standard. It is a collage of the idioms and methods of different eras, with the ingenious, light-fingered curves of Rococo the dominant style. The palace is part of the Amalienborg complex, which is at the heart of the Frederiksstaden Quarter, and was built in honour of the absolutist King Frederik V in the mid-18th century. Frederiksstaden was named after Frederik V and was founded to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the reign of the House of Oldenburg in 1749. The district was intended to symbolise the power and wealth of the absolutist king and was also built according to modern principles. Space was also made for prominent, loyal aristocratic families, which moved into the four Amalienborg palaces. Book a place on a guided tour of Christian VII’s Palace Thursday-Sunday, 13:10-14:40 in English (book a place here) Wednesday, 13:10-14:40 in Danish (book a place here) Saturday-Sunday, 11:10-12:40 in Danish (book a place here) Duration of the guided tour: 60-75 min. Price: DKK 95 per ticket Number of tickets per tour: 26 Meeting place: Gate of Christian VIII’s Palace Do you want to see more? You can visit the museum in Christian VIII’s palace on the day of your guided tour at a special price. If you present your ticket from Christian VII’s Palace, you can buy admission to Christian VIII’s Palace for DKK 60. Just visit the ticket office in Christian VIII’s palace on the day and please bring your ticket. Guided tours are sometimes cancelled As Christian VII’s Palace is still used by the Royal Family for representation, guided tours may be cancelled on special occasions. In such cases, you will be notified immediately and we will refund your ticket.   BEHIND THE MONARCHY The rooms and halls of Christian VIII’s Palace posses an atmosphere of peace and harmony, but behind the idyllic pictures and stylish furnishings hides a turbulent history marked by political storms, world wars, and industrialisation. Come on a guided tour that offers insight into the monarchy’s development from absolutism to democracy. A period in which the kings continually wrestled with a changing worldview, challenges which were managed very differently by each monarch. The tour focus on the Danish Royal Family’s changing role in society over the last 150 years, a time of great historical upheaval, which has left its mark on the monarchy during its time at Amalienborg. While visiting the private chambers of the previous kings and queens the guide will put the people behind the monarchy in the center of attention. PRACTICAL INFORMATION Duration: Approx. 60 min. Price: 900 DKK + entry ticket. Tickets: Contact booking on or phone +45 3318 6055.  Please note that entry to the Palace is not included in the price of the guided tour. Meeting point: At the cloakroom.